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About us

Hello and welcome to the solutions for all your credit control stress.

Our Mission

CTCC Solutions Ltd is committed to improve business’ cash flow by understanding the individual client’s needs. We place an emphasis on maintaining and improving customer and client relationships.

Team CTCC are a group of credit controllers ready to transform your ledger.

A bit about us...

In 2012, CTCC Solutions Ltd was born after Clare Trice felt a lack of dedicated credit control services being offered to businesses. We’ve been here ever since!

CTCC Solutions are an outsourced credit control company, working closely with B2B businesses of all sizes nationwide. We’re here to support business owners and their finance teams by taking on the credit control. Whether that’s invoicing, statement runs, or all the way through to chasing for those overdues, we can provide an extensive range of credit control services which can fit seamlessly into a business’ process.

In the past decade (and a bit), we have been steadily growing. Our one-woman business has grown into a small team, and one that definitely packs a punch!

Based in Cornwall, nestled between dreamy beaches and stunning coastal views, you'll find us busy with a ledger, working with our clients, and maybe enjoying a pasty whilst doing so.

We’re proud to be that helping hand for our clients and support them with their credit control.

Our Core Values

Our core values are central to us at CTCC HQ.

Confident: We're a self-assured group of credit controllers, eager to learn and take on a challenge.

Tenacity: A tenacious bunch, determined to get your invoices paid through the art of problem solving.

Caring: Empathy with our clients and co-workers and upholding customer relationships is at the heart of what we do.

Communicative: We're a responsive team and enjoy connecting with our clients and their customers. 

Core Values 1_edited.jpg

We recognise the importance of our corporate social responsibilities as a small business located in a very beautiful part of the world (objectively speaking of course!)

As members of the Good Business Charter, we care about the impact we have on our staff, clients, and the environment around us.

As a small but growing business, we're not only building our team, but enhancing our business practices and continually bettering ourselves.


We're always trying to find different ways to improve what we do and how we do it so that they align with our values.


What can we do for you?

We're able to design flexible, tailored packages that suit your requirements.

Are you a self-employed with a long to-do list and an equally long pile of overdue invoices that never seem to get paid?

Maybe you're slightly bigger and have a finance team who might not be comfortable chasing the clients?

Or perhaps you have that one client that just won't pay?

We can cater to all of your needs!

What do you get when you choose CTCC Solutions?

Improved Customer Relationships
We understand that your clients are one of the most important elements to your business. This is why our process is centred around maintaining that connection.

We treat your clients like our clients!

Watch Your Business Grow
Maintaining good cash flow is vital for business growth. When you have dedicated credit controllers attending to your ledger, not only will you not lose control of what's outstanding, you'll also resolve queries quicker.

We've just given you you the gift of time!

Outsourcing to us will save you time to do what you love. Whether that's focusing more on spending time with your family or working on the business, we'll always be here to extend our support.

Take the burden off your shoulders
Let us take away the stress of having to chase your clients.

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