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Our Services

Credit control is vital for survival and running a successful business, it is key to sustaining a business and a healthy cash flow increasing the profitability of your company.


CTCC Solutions Ltd offers a friendly, cost effective solution to credit control, managing cash flow and helping to develop and safeguard your customer relationships. We have several flexible packages to suit all sizes of business and budget. 


One off chase

For a one off chase for that one invoice that just won’t come in, it’s 10% of the outstanding debt with a minimum charge of £70 +VAT.


Blocks each month

To buy blocks of time each month for regular review of your debtors (minimum 3 month contract): 2 hours £70, 4 hours £135, 6 hours £205, 8 hours £275 and 10 hours £345 - +VAT for each block of time.

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Full days

If you need more hours or a full day a week please call to discuss your requirements. If you need a full day in the office these start at £275 +VAT per day (local area only).

Working closely with our clients

we can guarantee:

  • Improved cash flow

  • Tidier Ledgers

  • Improved customer relationships

  • Reduced stress over bad debts

  • Peace of mind

  • No set up fees

  • Dedicated Credit Control Administrator

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How we work

  • By using emails and telephone to chase outstanding invoices directly contacting the debtor 

  • We resolve problems and issues as soon as they arise and not turning to ”old debt” 

  • Ascertaining reasons for non-payment

  • Dealing with the correct departments

  • Passing bad debt to trusted legal party for recovery 

  • Sending statements and reminder letters as required

  • We put in place a structured process for chasing old debt and late payers

  • Regular contact ensures copy invoices and queries are dealt with efficiently at the earliest opportunity

  • Communicating to accounts people or business owners, so that you as the business owner or representative can have the freedom to pursue your goals

  • Quicker payments, regular payments, reviewing your ledger weekly, saving you time and resources

  • An outsourced function, no employee costs, a professional knowledgeable credit control on staff

  • Continuing customer care, negotiating payment plans if required


Who - Who do our customers pay?
All payments are made directly to you; we do not handle your money. And under the terms and conditions that you have specified ie 30 days.

What - What do you need from us?
A current aged debtors list or list of invoices, contact details for your customers, copy invoices and statements, incoming payment information, and a contact available for addressing any queries raised.

When – When can we start?
As soon as we receive a list of invoices and contact details.

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