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Who - Who do our customers pay?
All payments are made directly to you; we do not handle your money. And under the terms and conditions that you have specified ie 30 days.

What - What do you need from us?
A current aged debtors list or list of invoices, contact details for your customers, copy invoices and statements, incoming payment information, and a contact available for addressing any queries raised.

When – When can we start?
As soon as we receive a list of invoices and contact details.

Where – where are you based?
We are based in Cornwall working with local businesses and have customers all over the UK, from Devon, Rugby, Birmingham, Staffordshire, London, Kent and Essex.

How - How do you charge?
We charge hourly and only for the time spent on your ledgers making it a cost effective solution for your credit control needs, or if you would prefer a fixed amount monthly packages can be tailor made to suit your budget.

Can I recover old invoices?
Yes, There is a time limit of 6 years from when an invoice was issued to recover the debt.

Who will our customers be contacted by?
A dedicated Credit Control Administrator will maintain your ledger, contacting your customers, resolving issues and chasing payments.

How will I know what is happening?
Full updates are given regularly so you know exactly what payments to expect in and when. 

What systems have you used?
We have experience of most systems, ranging from Word Documents, Excel spreadsheets, Freshbooks, Kashflow, Xero, PM, Osprey, MFG and SAP. If you can provide a list of outstanding invoices that is all we need. We can access your systems remotely or just using a list you provide.

Jargon busters

Invoice - the bill you send to your customers for goods or services provided.

Credit Terms – The amount of time you allow the customer to pay, setting the payment rules.

Debtor - Someone who owes you money, they are in debt to you.

Overdue – past the credit terms given

Aged Debtors – a report showing a list of outstanding invoices, listed in columns - current, 0 – 30 days, 31-60 days, 61- 90 days, +120 days.

Credit Check – Checking a customer’s credit worthiness.

Credit Control – A routine to keep the cash flowing in, when payment is due.

Interest – This can be charged for overdue payment in accordance with the Late Payment Legislation at 8% over base rate and is chargeable after the agreed period is exceeded, where there are no terms after 30 days.

Notice before proceedings – if your customer does not pay, you can make a claim against them and is advisable to write to them to notify them in writing. 
Ways to pay - although cheques are becoming out dated they are still widely used, preferable means of payment are BACS or internet Faster Payment. These go direct into your bank account and you should have these payment details with your payment terms on your invoice.

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