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How to get your invoices off of Santa’s Naughty List

‘Tis the season to be jolly…

Although it’s November, Christmas festivities have already started. Perhaps you have a Christmas tree already up in the office or tinsel is slowly starting to creep onto your desks.

As you get ready for the festive period, you should also take a look at your finances. For many businesses, cash flow issues can occur during this time which can create issues further down the line.

However, confronting these concerns directly and stepping up your credit control procedures is key to starting the new year strongly. Planning ahead with your credit control can be the difference between receiving your money on time or having to wait until after the new year.

Many businesses break up for the holiday period which means you may not have anyone picking up your call at the other end. The 17th of December 2021 is the last Friday before Christmas eve and is the day you should be aiming to have all of your payments in ideally.

This means that chasing should start at the beginning of the month or even the last week of November. This gives you enough time to go through your credit control procedures and chase payments.

Here are some tips to make sure you get your money in time to enjoy Christmas:

· Send your invoices promptly. Make sure you check all the information is accurate!

· Give a courtesy call to the client to see how they will be paying.

· Outsourcing to a credit control agency like CTCC Solutions could be the extra push for your clients to pay. This can especially be useful for the end of year as business slow down for the festive period.

· And finally, take the time out to enjoy the long-needed break away from work!

Even though we are getting ready to celebrate and have a long needed break away from work, getting on top of your credit control will provide you with a smooth transition into the new year.

If you need any help with getting control back into your credit control, give us a call at 01209 823118 or emails us at


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